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Monday, October 01, 2012

More LayMAN Love

My little club of bandits has been named by the LayMAN again.

Here is the story and what they say about us:
First Presbyterian of Elizabethton, TN  a member congregation of Holston Presbytery may be the most transparent about its allegiance. The first descriptor under "Who we are" on the church's homepage is "A Progressive Christian Community" that links through to the eight points of a progressive Christian church.

We aren't the only ones listed.  We are one of 14 on this particular list of progressive congregations.   It is convenient that the LayMAN compiled that list.  Perhaps one of these great congregations is near you.   If so, you might consider joining it.

Here is a link to Progressive Christianity, the eight points the LayMAN mentioned, and a directory to progressive individuals and congregations all over the world.  

I am sure the LayMAN didn't publish this as a favor to us.  They don't like us much I am afraid.  We are bad little Christians.  They think we should be disciplined.

Hi ho.

They also realize that isn't going to happen:
Other Presbyterians in the presbyteries where these churches are located are supposed to have applied regular discipline and brought the pastors and elders of these churches back into accord with the family of faith. They have not. I dare say, they will not. Why not? Because, I believe, we have lost the will to fight, even for what we know is right.
You would think eventually they would get tired.   They have lost.  There is nothing they can do about us and we are growing.

So thanks for the publicity, LayMAN.