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Monday, April 02, 2012

Parker Lays an Egg

It must be getting close to Easter.

Parker Williamson of the LayMAN loves to celebrate Holy Week by attacking those who use biblical literacy in their sermons.   In so doing he demonstrates his lack of same.

This was his post about me two years ago at Easter.

I am one of the LayMAN's poster children for how bad the PC(USA) has become. I think I am useful for the LayMAN's fundraising appeals.  I am also happy to be useful in emptying pews.

This is his most recent, Unbelief Unveiled.

Shuck continues with accolades for the Jesus Seminar, a project by a handful of academics to discredit any passage of Scripture that portrays Jesus as divine. Supporting the seminar’s view of Scripture, Shuck said, “The Bible is not always what it seems. It was created by numerous human authors. Every one of them had an agenda. They created these stories and these images for a variety of reasons. Reasons that we may never know.”

Williamson thinks it is big, heretical news that the authors of the gospels each shaped Jesus. Where would anyone possibly get an idea like that? Perhaps at any one of our Presbyterian seminaries. Scholars carefully conceal this knowledge in books.   Maybe Parker will read one someday.  It is Easter.  Miracles do happen.

One would also think that an editor of a magazine might actually provide a source for documents from which the editor takes quotations. In the digital age it is as easy as a link.  What is Parker demonstrating by refusing to engage in this obvious practice?  Vote for one:
  1. Ignorance
  2. Lack of journalistic integrity
If you are curious about my sermons on the Gospel of John, check them out.

I do look forward to General Assembly!!

Who knows? Maybe I'll even meet Parker!