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Friday, January 20, 2012

ECO? Seriously?

Planet Earth needs another Presbyterian denomination.   Here it is.  This one is "a bold church unafraid."   OK, unafraid, but yet a bit squeamish about gays.   So squeamish in fact, that they could no longer function in the PC(USA) and simply had to form a brand new denomination because someday, somewhere another congregation or presbytery in the PC(USA) might ordain a gay person, and well if that happened, then, gosh, we couldn't be bold and unafraid any longer.  We would have to be very afraid.  

So this new, bold and unafraid denomination calls itself curiously enough, ECO.   That might mean that the new bold and unafraid denomination might be bold about responding to climate change, unafraid to speak out against mountain top removal strip mining, bold in raising awareness regarding fossil fuel depletion, and unafraid in working toward sustainability.   With a name like ECO, a denomination must have as its central focus care for Earth.   Right?  If that was its focus, I would consider jumping ship and signing on.  

Well, it is not literally ECO.  Not that kind of ECO.   Here is the logo:

It seems they like the image of ECO (notice the green leaf), but it is recycled fundamentalism and homophobia with green lipstick.   It is not unlike calling creationism "intelligent design".   I perused their theological statements and outside of a brief and tame statement on "stewardship of the goods we've been given" I didn't see anything about caring for Earth.   

I get that they don't want theological innovation (or "heretics" like me nor do they want gays).  Whatever.  But to rip off and co-opt the image of the ecological movement for their narrow ideology is shameful.   The only hope is that maybe they will be shamed by the people they attract with this false image to live into it.