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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Virgin Birth Is Fiction

This is why Christianity has virtually zero credibility.  Enter Al Mohler:
This much we know: All those who find salvation will be saved by the atoning work of Jesus the Christ — the virgin-born Savior. Anything less than this is just not Christianity, whatever it may call itself. A true Christian will not deny the Virgin Birth.
This much we know?   Seriously?  

The "Virgin Birth" is medieval superstition.   It was based on a translation error and a patriarchal understanding of where babies come from.   The virgin birth is a quaint leftover from a pre-modern past.  Yes, at Christmas, we sip our eggnog and we sing lovely carols with lines such as this:  "Lo, He shuns not the virgin's womb."   But only the most tone-deaf and gauche literalist would think we should take that legend literally.   

Nothing takes the magic, delight, and hope away from Christmas as much as someone who mistakes legend for history.   It makes Christianity nonsensical and it makes Christians dumber.   To insist that everyone needs to be as stupid as you in order to be a Christian is the raisin in the plumb pudding.

For Christmas Eve, I think I will share with the folks Phillip Appleman's poem, "Mary" that concludes with the following:

Me, I'm just a small-town woman, 
a carpenter's wife, Jewish mother, nothing 
special. But listen, 
whenever I told my baby a fairy tale, 
I let him know it was a fairy tale. 
Go, all of you, and do likewise.