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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Occupy Is As American as Old Glory

This simply is an excellent letter in today's Johnson City Press.

I’m a former law enforcement officer from North Carolina, so was my late father. Together we have served the community for 52 years.

I hang the American flag on my front porch, attend a Christian church and I’m a member of the PTA.

In short, I’m as American as Old Glory itself.

I’m not a rich man. You can’t get rich working for the government unless you’re a dirty crook. I’ll need Social Security and Medicare in my golden age.

I’m concerned about people because I care about the least of these in my community. I’m concerned for the elderly, because I saw my grandmother struggle to pay her utilities and buy food on her small Social Security check.

I’m concerned for the teacher who spends years in college and then finds their benefits reduced to provide more corporate welfare for Wall Street or to bail out a bank taken down by greed.

Misinformation and propaganda has caused a great deal of Americans to support ideas that were not for their own benefit. One great misinformation is about the occupy movement and Occupy Johnson City. This is not a group of “unemployed hippies” unwilling to work.

As a former police officer, I’m not sure what is defined as a hippie. Could a hippie be the lawyer, doctor or college professor with a ponytail?

If I had to choose an American citizen to defend my rights, protect my family and teach my children, I would want him or her to be someone who believed in our core values enough to speak out in defense of the majority of Americans — the 99 percent.

Some may say they are not in the 99 percent and don’t support this occupy movement. That’s OK, they don’t have to support it.

I do find it wrong, however, to spread hate, lies or misinformation about American citizens who are concerned and exercising their right to free speech.

I support Occupy Johnson City and the occupy movement and I’m very proud of it.