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Monday, September 19, 2011

Calling All Rebels

I watched Chris Hedges last night on LINK TV. It was a powerful speech and an insightful Q & A afterwards. The speech is a longer version of the written column, "Calling All Rebels" he wrote last year. From that piece, he wrote:
Those who do not rebel in our age of totalitarian capitalism and who convince themselves that there is no alternative to collaboration are complicit in their own enslavement. They commit spiritual and moral suicide.
Here is the blurb about the speech:
Join Pulitzer Prize-winner Chris Hedges for an profound new speech - Calling All Rebels. In it, he poignantly argues that American liberalism has been an abject failure in the face of the corporate takeover of the American government. He insists that unless we begin to stand fast around moral imperatives we will be complicit in our self-annihilation.

"As the centers of American power were seized and hijacked by corporations, the media continued to pay deference to systems of power that could no longer be considered honest or democratic. The media treat criminals on Wall Street as responsible members of the ruling class. They treat the criminals in the White House and the Pentagon as statesmen."
During the Q & A he quoted H. Richard Niebuhr. The question was in regards to why religion seems to be a force for evil (think of the Christian right) and yet also a force for good. Hedges said, quoting Niebuhr,
"Religion is good for good people and bad for bad people."

I appreciate that Hedges is stirring up some passion. It is time to bang the pots and pans. If you are near our mountain, join us Saturday, from 2 to 5 p.m. on Roan Street in Johnson City for "Rally for the Humans."

The fact is that we need a great turnout for the rally just to get the attention of our elected representatives. Please join us in our struggle to take the power of government out of the hands of corporations and return it to the people. YOU can make a difference. YOU have the power.
Check out the Facebook event.