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Friday, August 19, 2011


Saw this in today's LayMAN, Retired Pastor Risks Ordination in Opposition to Change in Standards:


During a regular meeting in July, the Rev. Steve Moss of Salisbury, N.C. told Salem Presbytery that, while he will continue to be governed by the polity of the Presbyterian Church (USA), he will refuse to affirm the ordination or installation of “any officer of the church who refuses to repent of the sin of choosing to live sexually outside of the bonds of holy matrimony between a man and a woman.”

Moss said the recent change of ordination standards sparked his decision. Amendment 10A removed the chastity/fidelity clause from the PCUSA Book of Order.

In April, Salem voted in favor of the amendment by a 186-107 vote. The amendment effectively permits presbyteries to ordain gay or lesbian candidates as deacons, elders and pastors.

Moss, a member of the presbytery for 19 years and a three-term past moderator, said he believes the presbytery could choose to remove his ordination status due to his claim of conscience. Moss is currently retired but occasionally preaches at area churches.

As much as Rev. Moss thinks he is doing something grand, I doubt anyone in the presbytery will even care.

Most of the time, the only ones who even show up for ordination and/or installation services are on the commission. If someone doesn't want to "affirm" the ordination of someone, so what? Don't "affirm" them then. But if it makes you feel better to make a statement, have at it.

This too shall pass.