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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Don't We Belong?

I read this today at the LayMAN:
The institution of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in its present state has forfeited any rightful claim to belong to the true Church of Jesus Christ.
This is the opening sentence of "An Evangelical Declaration" by Mateen Elass, a PC(USA) minister from Oklahoma. He blogs here.

If it isn't obvious to all, this is part of the hysteria over the denomination slowly coming to the recognition that gays are people too. Rev. Elass and others think that gays primarily are sinners who should do a lot of repenting. Since many of us in the denomination (perhaps a majority now?) see it differently, then Jesus is angry with the whole lot of us and it is a sad day in Mudville.

I'm not sad.

I am happy that the denomination is becoming at least a little bit more inclusive to LGBT folks. I think Rev. Elass is mistaken that we have "forfeited any rightful claim to belong to the true church of Jesus Christ."

We do belong. All of us, including Rev. Elass.