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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Jesus Seminar Is Comin' For Your Bible

Westar has just posted the details for the new Bible Seminar. Its inaugural meeting will be held November 17-19, 2011. Here is the synopsis:

The Bible is deployed today in every conceivable debate and dilemma, from gay marriage to Middle East politics. But seldom are the insights of biblical scholars taken up in these discussions. The Bible Seminar aims to coax critical scholars out of the library and into the public square because basic critical scholarship can make a difference. What is the Bible? How did we get it? What does it really say about sexuality, the role of women, and family values? At the Fall 2011 meeting, under the leadership of John Dominic Crossan, Pamela Eisenbaum, and Stephen J. Patterson, scholars and Associate members alike will begin framing the questions that will form the agenda of this exciting new seminar.
This will be good. It won't stop mischief from being done in the name of the Bible, but it will expose it.

By the way, our little crew is proud as peahens to host our fourth Jesus Seminar on the Road this Fall.

Put October 21-22 on your calendar.

We are going to welcome

Robert J. Miller


Jarmo Tarkki

to Elizabethton. They will present the program, "Jesus in the First and Twenty-First Centuries."

Our JSORs are always well-attended and highly anticipated. Hope to see you.