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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I did a little updating of the sidebar today, especially my blog lists. Blogs (and websites) I check occasionally are listed under the following headings...
  • God Talk
  • LGBT
  • Peace and Justice
  • Post Petroleum
  • PC(USA)
  • Tennessee/Appalachia
  • Just Good Folks
If you are a blogger I would be happy to link to your blog if you will reciprocate. If you already do link to me and don't see yours listed, let me know. It is an oversight.

If you don't like the category you find your blog listed, let me know and I will switch you to another.
I put blogs and sites into categories that make sense to me even as blogs (including mine) could often be listed in more than one category.

Near the top you will find links with pictures to sites that I think are especially important at the moment as industrial society will make (willingly or unwillingly) the transition to a post petroleum reality.

You will find links also to my church and to news sites and other things I find interesting.

Happy reading!