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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flipping in Missouri!

I don't know how many more pics of flipping dolphins are left to find on the interwebs, but I found one that is fitting for the Show Me State.

We need to celebrate a FLIP for Missouri Union Presbytery! They became the 22nd presbytery to FLIP from no yes today with a vote of 43-38!

Give Missouri Union an award!

Also, Western New York continued its support of equality, love, justice, and the biblical way by approving amendment A, 77-44.

The tally is 96-73

There is a possibility of two, maybe even three more flips before we are all done.

Here is the remaining schedule.

Peace River (62-83-1) Flip
Hanmi (1-30) Miracle Flip

Providence (39-48-4) Flip

Kiskiminetas (34-70) Miracle Flip