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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We did it!

The 87th and deciding vote came in tonight from Twin Cities Presbytery!

Twin Cities voted overwhelmingly in favor of Amendment A, 205-56-3!

Barriers to ordination have been lifted.


The movement for full inclusion of LGBT people began in the Presbyterian Church in 1973, when David Sindt held up a hand-lettered sign at the General Assembly that read "Is Anyone Else Out There Gay?".

Since that courageous moment, we have endured over 30 years of official prohibition.

The Definitive Guidance/Authoritative Interpretation which oppressed the church from 1978-2008 is gone.

Its evil companion, G-6.0106b, has been in the Book of Order since 1997.
Three attempts were made to remove this "b in our bonnet" since then (1997-8, 2001-2, 2008-9).

All failed to pass the presbyteries. Many of us thought we would never get it through the presbyteries. Finally, in 2010-11, tonight, justice was served.

The fourth time's a charm.

Take a deep breath, advocates! This has been an incredible journey. The PC(USA) took the hard path. Our polity made it more of a challenge to remove discriminatory barriers as it needed to pass through the majority of presbyteries in addition to being approved by the national body. But because of that, this change shows that it reflects the will of the whole of the church.

This is not only important for the Presbyterian Church, this is a sign of change that is happening throughout our country. We now join other mainline church bodies, The Episcopal Church, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and The United Church of Christ, as open to LGBT people for ordination.

The struggle continues as I
pointed out yesterday. Here are some helpful FAQs regarding the specifics of what this amendment means.

Today, finally, I can say that I am proud of my denomination.