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Friday, March 04, 2011

Should I Vote for the New Form of Government?

My presbytery, Holston, is voting on NFOG tomorrow. We already voted down amendment A and will vote on Belhar in June. I will vote for Belhar but I am not sure about NFOG. I really don't see myself having a horse in this race.
  1. I know the LayMAN and the various true believers and biblical reclaimers are against it. That would give me reason to vote in favor, but admittedly not much of a reason.
  2. The folks who designed it spent a lot of time and I should want to vote in favor to reward their efforts.
  3. I do like the idea of a smaller book with fewer rules I need to ignore which would amount to less sinning on my part.
  4. Other than that, should I vote for this?
On more crucial matters:

Thanks to CovNet for the line up for this weekend for amendment A.
  • Voting today, March 4: Mission.
  • Voting Saturday, March 5: Grace, Northern New England, Ohio Valley, and Geneva
Here are the results of the votes from last time:

Geneva 44-29 (need to hold)
Grace 203-182 (need to hold)
Northern New England 57-30 (need to hold)
Ohio Valley 57-44 (need to hold)

Mission 181-181 **(this one needs to flip)**

Check the vote charts here, here, and here.

The score is 57-44. I am going with the LayMAN on this. They added Suroeste as a NO.

One thing is likely. This gap will narrow as we have far more historically NO presbyteries left to vote than YES ones. So...
  • We shouldn't get discouraged when we see that.
  • Again, take no presbytery for granted.
  • One vote has proven to be the difference in many presbyteries.
  • Get Out the Vote!
  • Predictions and trends mean nothing.
  • That is why we play the game.
  • Getting people to the meeting, providing resources, and speaking in favor make it happen!