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Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Week On Amendment A

Following a productive weekend, we have another challenge for Amendment A and for justice in the PC(USA). Thanks to CovNet for the schedule:
  • on Tuesday, March 1: North Central Iowa, West Virginia, Yellowstone
  • on Friday, March 4: Mission
  • on Saturday, March 5: Grace, Northern New England, Ohio Valley.
These were the votes last time:

Grace 203-182 (need to hold)
Northern New England 57-30 (need to hold)
Ohio Valley 57-44 (need to hold)
West Virginia 93-56 (need to hold)
Yellowstone 25-23 **(need to hold)**

Mission 181-181 **(this one needs to flip)**
North Central Iowa 31-60 (so does this one, but a longer shot)

Check the vote charts here, here, and here.