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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sacramento Flips!

But that is not all!

Indian Nations and Central Nebraska flipped as well! Let's give these three flippers a big award, shall we?

So far eleven presbyteries have voted this week:

Three FLIPPED from no to YES:

  • Sacramento 80-76
  • Central Nebraska 36-16
  • Indian Nations 45-41
Four held on to their previous YES:
  • East Tennessee 71-63
  • Mackinac 44-30
  • Santa Fe 101-17-1
  • Tres Rios 35-32
Four held on to their previous no:
  • Tampa Bay 91-120
  • Northeast Georgia 75-87 (but with big improvement!)
  • South Dakota 32-49
  • Western Colorado 13-29
None switched from YES to no this week!

The unofficial score according to
MLP is 55-38 in favor of Amendment A!

Where are we so far?

  • The big news: twelve flips from no to YES so far.
  • One flipped the other way.
  • But we only need nine net flips to win.
  • We are in good shape with tough votes to come.
  • We have to hold every yes and work to flip some more nos!