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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Presbyterian Big Shots

On Groundhog's Day it appears as though some big steepled lads saw their shadow and in typical fearful fashion have posted yet another "Here we stand" letter.

This letter to the PCUSA signed by a bunch of disgruntled preacher MEN rehearses the same shizz we have heard for the past decade or more:

"To say the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is deathly ill is not editorializing but acknowledging reality."
Speak for yourselves. My church is quite healthy.
We believe the PC(USA) will not survive without drastic intervention, and stand ready to DO something different, to thrive as the Body of Christ.
Whatever you do fellas, leave the rest of us out of it.
We call others of like mind to envision a new future for congregations that share our Presbyterian, Reformed, Evangelical heritage. If the denomination has the ability and will to move in this new direction, we will rejoice. Regardless, a group of us will change course, forming a new way for our congregations to relate.
Good for you. What is it you need, the deed to the church property? As far as I am concerned, you can have it.
Homosexual ordination has been the flashpoint of controversy for the last 35 years. Yet, that issue – with endless, contentious “yes” and “no” votes – masks deeper, more important divisions within the PC(USA). Our divisions revolve around differing understandings of Scripture, authority, Christology, the extent of salvation amidst creeping universalism, and a broader set of moral issues.
Actually, no. The controversy is prejudice and you are losing. So far we have had a continuous "no" from you boys regarding justice, and this year it changes. "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is ending in the PCUSA and you can't handle it. All your phony excuses regarding Scripture and what all is a smokescreen for bigotry. Fewer Presbyterians are buying it.

While everyone wearies of battles over ordination...
Again, speak for yourselves. Those of us on my end never weary of doing justice.

Is it time to acknowledge that traditional denominations like the PC(USA) have served in their day but now must be radically transformed?
If you don't like us, there is always the door.
We need something new, characterized by...
Then the good old boys come up with a bunch of new schemes to reconfigure the church with new synods and presbyteries. Apparently, with each of them claiming his own kingdom?

The arrogance is astounding. As if these self-proclaimed big shots think they know both diagnosis and cure for the entire denomination. Maybe if they spent more time worrying over their own congregations, they could leave the rest of us be.