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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Boys Just Want More Votes!

I sent a letter to the LayMAN. As the LayMAN has a tendency to "edit" I thought I would post it here too.

My letter is about an article that I found rather amusing by Winfield Casey Jones. Mr. Jones seems to think that the big steeple boys are upset and wrote their manifesto to the denomination because they are under-represented at presbytery. Who would have thought? According to Mr. Jones, the boys are mad because their churches don't get enough votes at presbytery meetings! Mr. Jones writes:

"Is there any wonder the pastors wrote a letter?"

So that is why we are "deathly ill". Go figure.

Dear Editor,

Is Winfield Casey Jones serious? The reason that the big steeple pastors wrote their "deathly ill" letter that accuses the denomination of "creeping universalism" and "biblical drift" is because they are under-represented at presbytery meetings? Is that all you boys want? More votes for your churches at presbytery? Mr. Jones writes: "Is it any wonder the pastors wrote a letter?" Surprisingly, there is a solution to such a conundrum. If the boys don't feel that they have enough votes, they can send a resolution to their presbyteries who in turn can send a resolution to the next General Assembly where it can be considered. If that is really all the boys are worried about, they could make their case. It would be heard. This is how we make change in a constitutional form of government. Although, it isn't as dramatic as calling us all deathly ill and inviting the like-minded to schism. So is that really the issue, fellas? Or is Mr. Jones just blowing smoke?

John Shuck
Elizabethton, Tennessee
I think Mr. Jones may have a point in regards to representation. I am sure there is a way to talk about and possibly even make some changes. But I have a hunch that the boys wouldn't be satisfied with another vote at presbytery. What do you think?