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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Votes This Week on Amendment A

Amendment A is getting closer to passage. The score is 37-30. We need nine net flips and so far have five to pass this historic amendment for justice.

Thanks to Chicago, Maumee Valley, and Scioto Valley for strong yes votes on Tuesday! It was a heartbreaker in Memphis last week as Mid-South lost by a vote of 48-49. Who is feeling guilty for not showing up for that presbytery meeting? Thanks to all there who put out the effort, though. Mid South came a lot closer than they did in 2008 when they also voted against justice.

Is the message clear: Every Vote Counts?

Big votes coming this week:

Those voting YES in 2008 that we need to hold:

Hudson River, Arkansas, Greater Atlanta, John Knox, New Hope, and Northern Waters.

Those voting NO in 2008 that we we are working to flip:

Savannah, Olympia, South Alabama, Lake Erie, North Alabama, Palo Duro, and Pines.

We are going to do this, beloveds.

Don't get distracted by the Big Whiny Baby Boys and their cheering section.

They are mildly amusing and it is entertaining to have fun with them. But don't take them seriously. All that their "deathly ill" pomposity amounts to is a big bag of gas that wants attention.

It is critical to put our love, focus, phone calls and Get Out the Vote activism to pass amendment A. We have been working for decades for this opportunity.

Now is the time.

No equality-minded person can dare miss this vote!