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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Resolution: End Discrimination in the PCUSA

Today is a good day to pass Amendment A.

Eighteen presbyteries will vote in January including two today, Newton (New Jersey) and Eastminster (Ohio) unless they get snowed out. When I find out the results I will let you know. Meanwhile, the MLP blog has some interesting posts including a letter Madeleine Mysko wrote to her congregation in favor of the proposal.


Resources a plenty to get this done.

The most important factor is getting folks to the meeting.

People do change their minds. I know of one person in my presbytery who had voted no in 2009 and turned around to vote yes this time. Why? He felt it was time and he had a change of heart.

The opposition is entrenched. But there are reasonable people in the middle who want to do the right thing. Let's give them the chance.