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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anticipating Darwin's Birthday

Today I received a glossy flier in the mail from First Christian Church in Johnson City. The Christians are inviting me and my congregation to the Tri-Cities Origins Conference. Can you guess what that is about?

This is what the Origins Conference is about--exploring the evidence for God as Creator. By attending the conference, you will be equipped to challenge the problems created by the atheistic evolution worldview that is so prevalent. This conference will not only be a personal help to you, but will also give you the tools to share the answers to these tough life questions with friends and family.
In other words, it will be an entire week of superstition and misinformation. From February 12-19 you will hear from Ken Ham, the "Founder of Answers in Genesis and Creation Museum" and Dr. Jason Lisle who is billed as an "Astrophysicist and Refuter of Evolutionary Theories".

It is shrink your brain to the size of a walnut week right here in the Bible Belt.

Mr. Darwin is not impressed. And on his birthday!

Your defenders of good science and pretty decent potlucks, FPC Elizabethton, likely will not attend. We will, however, celebrate Evolution Weekend for the sixth straight year.

Evolution Sunday has proven to be one of the biggest Sundays of the year for us. Details will be coming in the next few days regarding our activities. They will include at least a presentation at our adult forum, a fun worship service, and trip to the Gray Fossil Site and Museum.