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Friday, December 03, 2010

Holston Votes December 7th

My presbytery votes on the amendments (including Amendment A) next Tuesday. We put up a page about it on our congregation's website.

On that page you'll find
Amendment A is likely to pass this year (although probably not in my presbytery). But I think it will pass. Whether it does or doesn't will make little difference to my congregation.

We are More Light, inclusive, and we embody full inclusiveness.

So I am happy every two years getting up before my presbytery and bearing witness to the Gospel's call to do what Jesus would do.

Some are tired of the argument and of revisiting this same amendment again and again. The best solution to end this would be to vote in favor of amendment A.

It is the only thing that will work with a divided church.
  • Charity on non-essentials.
  • We ordain individuals not categories of people.
  • Governing bodies are in the best position to decide their own candidates' sense of call.
You know, historic Presbyterian principles.

Because as long as there are court cases (can we ordain Lisa Larges already?!!??!) there will be those who will vote to remove this bad law as it binds the freedom of conscience on sisters and brothers on an issue that is non-essential.

It does not matter how strongly you believe you are right about what "the Bible says". It doesn't matter. I believe I am right, too. There is no consensus. The only answer in that situation is to respect the freedom of conscience of the other.

But, oh well, vote it down if you like.

We'll be back.