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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Holston!?!? ....... lost.... But!

We gave it a college try and we improved our record. However, amendment A was defeated in Holston Presbytery today, 27-45. Last time the vote was 24-68. Five spoke in favor and five against before the time was up. It wasn't just that 23 no votes from last time didn't show up today. A lot of folks who would have voted in favor didn't show up either. We have had some weather. That affirmative voting percentage did improve remarkably.

I am confident that Amendment A will pass nationwide. So I am taking all the good karma from this improvement at Holston and sending it on to the other presbyteries! We are a conservative presbytery and it was good to see people get up and speak eloquently in favor of amendment A. Everyone knows the writing is on the wall.

I did get to deliver my "leaked" speech. Special thanks to the other speakers, Shane, Pat, Deven, and Jim. You were awesome!

Carrying on...