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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A New/Old Resource for Amendment 10A

I am not going to write another essay about why Presbyterians should vote for Amendment 10 A and have it posted on a Progressive Presbyterian website such as Presbyterian Voices for Justice.


Because you can read the one I wrote nine years ago on behalf of 01 A.

It would be the same thing except I have less patience with the BFTSs these days. In these past nine years...
  1. we have had a task force that hasn't helped matters, and
  2. we have worried and fretted over those who might leave the church, and
  3. we have said we haven't "studied the issue" enough, and
  4. we have fantasized about finding "a third way."

Delaying justice does nothing more than delay justice.

That results in injustice.

Let's do it this year.

And if you are wondering what to do, check More Light Presbyterians for ten things you can do to get the PCUSA to say Yes On 10 A!