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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Day After

Sorry Dems, but you had it coming.

When you control the presidency, the house, and the senate and do squat few people are going to cry over you when you get your butts kicked.

Back and forth we go as we head into collapse with the larger issues unaddressed.

Did you hear any candidate of any race at any time engage in any substantial discussion about Peak Oil? Nope? Neither did I.

We are going down the other side and politicians of both parties simply shine the shoes of the corporations as they hoard what remains of our children's future.

Southern Beale has a good comment on the midterms:

I stand by my list of objections to the rigged game which prioritizes corporate greed over the popular voice. I plan to send this list in response to every DSCC and DCCC fundraising request I get. American plutocracy continues; big business was the big winner last night. Our system is still broken, and will remain so, because the Democrats squandered their chance to fix it.