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Friday, October 15, 2010

Finding Crossan

This photo is my prize for the trip.

The gentleman on my left is John Dominic Crossan. I first heard his name in 1980. I was a freshman in college and I took a course in the English department, The Bible as Literature. I wrote a paper on the parables of Jesus and my professor wrote back that "John Dominic Crossan would agree with you." I got an A by the way.

I have realized that there may no higher praise than that. Dr. Crossan's work, particularly his book,
Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography, changed my views on Jesus and the Gospels.

After Crossan and other scholars such as Marcus Borg, Walter Wink, and Robert Funk, I began to see the New Testament in a whole new light. Finally, it made sense.

It made my day to have found Dominic Crossan. He is a gracious, kind man to boot.