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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"As A Matter of My Conscience" -- Rev. Jane Spahr

Rev. Jane Spahr goes on trial today for marrying 16 same-gender couples. These weddings were legal in California at the time.

There is quite a bit of media coverage.

I especially enjoyed this editorial, Why Rev. Jane Spahr Should Be a National Religious Icon.

Imagine being persecuted for celebrating love. Sound like the spirit of a Shakespeare tragedy? If only this were a story of fiction. Meet Rev. Jane Adams Spahr, a retired Presbyterian minister in California. Today, Rev. Spahr will be hauled into a Presbyterian court, and put on trial for potentially violating the constitution of the Presbyterian Church. What did she do that was so heinous?

She married 16 same-sex couples in California in 2008....

...."As a matter of my conscience," Rev. Spahr says, she "cannot be a part of … people being seen as second class or less than. I have seen the violence it has done...."

....Whatever the result of this trial, one thing is clear: Rev. Jane Spahr should be celebrated as a national religious icon. In a day and age where the national religious figures that get all media attention do so because they blame Haiti for bringing on their own earthquakes, or because they accuse President Obama of being a Muslim, or because they fight like hell to demonize immigrants and LGBT folks and those considered "the other," it seems like our national consciousness could use a woman like Rev. Spahr. (emphasis mine) [Read More]

That's the truth. Do read the entire editorial.

Ray Bagnuolo and Will McGarvey suggest that Rev. Spahr is not on trial at all. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is on trial as to whether it has moved beyond hypocrisy, bigotry, and superstition.

The trial itself will be interesting. The Presbyterian prosecutor will put Rev. Spahr on a scale. If she weighs the same as a duck she is made of wood and therefore a lesbian.

Presbyterians are wise in the ways of science.

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