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Thursday, July 01, 2010

New PCUSA Website! Thanks B R-C!

Just in time for the General Assembly, the PCUSA has a splashy new website. When I checked it out, who is the first guy I see? Why Will McGarvey! I have never met Will but I feel like I know him via social media. There he is giving a plug for Presbyterianism. He says:

I'm a Presbyterian because we don't check our heads at the door.
Say that again with fancy letterin' please...


Frankly, that is why I decided to return to church in my twenties. I married into the PC (U.S.A.) but I became involved because intellect and reason is central to our identity. I am always pushing for more religious and scientific literacy and less of what I call "superstition" but overall I am proud and grateful to be a part of this family of faith.

While waxing sentimental, I also want to thank our current moderator, Bruce Reyes-Chow. I don't know what involvement he has had with the new webpage, but I am certain he provided the mojo for us to improve our web presence.

Bruce has brought a number of gifts to our church. One such gift is that he is accessible.

Here is a dopey picture to prove it. (I am the dopey one).

Obviously, he is accessible through Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and whatever else. But his gift is far more significant than merely being savvy with technology. He understands communication. He knows how to connect with people. He treats all with respect. How? He takes the time. He takes the time to respond to everyone and he takes the time to listen to what folks have to say. He took his role as moderator seriously and he worked hard at it.

Thanks, Bruce.

It has been a good run!