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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Standing for PCUSA Moderator

Presbyterians have the vapors over General Assembly this weekend. Plenty of websites and blogs are claiming to be the place to go for the news.

But you know who really loves you.

Shuck and Jive is your home. I don't even need to be in Minneapolis to give you the lowdown. I just intuit the news you need via secret and special revelation.

For instance, I have channeled the LayMAN to give you this picture of our six candidates for moderator:

They all have nice smiles. Like you, I don't know any of these people from Adam or Eve. Here are interviews in the LayMAN and Presbyterian Voices for Justice. Julia Leeth didn't respond yet to PVJ but the Presbyterian Outlook had questions for her here.

The only question that drives any passion is:

Where do they stand on teh gay?

Everyone says that we need to be concerned about more than this issue. Agreed.

Everyone says that we need moderators who are this, that, and the other and their opinions on marriage and ordination equality should not be the only litmus test. Agreed.

But...and I don't insist or even argue the point...

If you had enough interest at all in who was standing for moderator--that is, enough interest even to read this post or other interviews--I ask, who of you didn't check out closely where each came down on LGBT issues?

I rest my case.

Here is my rank from friendliest to least based on their comments:

  1. Maggie Lauterer (Pro-Equality) "Perhaps when we can speak with a strong majority on matters of human sexuality, we can move on with our mission."
  2. Cynthia Bolbach (Pro-Equality) "Those in favor of the full inclusion of gays and lesbians in our life together – and I include myself in that group – believe that we fail to satisfy the Gospel imperative of inclusiveness as we continue to exclude gays and lesbians from leadership in our church."
  3. Eric Nielsen (Dodge but...) "Assessment of the gifts for ministry of Elders, Deacons, or Ministers of Word and Sacrament should be returned to congregations and presbyteries. They know their people and churches best." (Not sure if Eric agrees but the only way to succeed at this is to remove G-6.0106b. Didn't see any comment on marriage equality)
  4. James Belle (Dodge) He quotes the Bible and Westminster with the slickest non-answer to the question.
  5. Jin Kim (Anti-equality, but keep chatting) "My reflections on the life of Jesus lead me to reject both complete equality in the matters of either ordination or marriage, and ruling out any further GA consideration of these questions for years to come."
  6. Julia Leeth: (Anti-equality) "I pray the Assembly maintains the traditional definition of marriage as supported by the Bible..."
I am going to make a post or two this week about other issues coming before General Assembly. Should be an entertaining party.