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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Cloud of Witnesses

I had the great fun of participating in a wedding this morning on top of Roan Mountain. You never know if it will be clear or cloudy until you get there. Today on the high bluff we were surrounded by a great cloud. It was like being married in heaven. Pictured below from left to right are me, Bev (a member of our church and a friend who works with the groom), the happy couple, Michael and Susan, Susan's son, Nick, and in front, Woodrow.

Here are Michael and Susan "walking down the aisle" which happens to be a half-mile walk from the parking lot to Roan High Bluff.

The kiss in the fog...

This was a blog wedding in that Michael has been reading Shuck and Jive for several years and when looking for a preacher for the nuptials decided I might be irreverent enough for the job.

Congratulations, Michael and Susan! It was an honor!