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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just in Time for General Assembly

Network News is on-line in pdf. This is a publication of Presbyterian Voices for Justice, formerly the Witherspoon Society.

This is the preparation for General Assembly issue and it includes interviews with the candidates who are standing for moderator, reflections on overtures coming to GA, plus other news and views. A copy of this issue will be sent to every GA delegate.

Surprise of surprises, editor Doug King even referenced one of my sermons in his piece,
Two Images for Thinking About GA. How cool is that?

I will be admiring General Assembly from afar but making commentary nonetheless. So do check in to Shuck and Jive for the wild and wacky world of Presbyterianism.

By the way, Reese says she really likes the new name and hopes that with the name change I'll stop posting pics of her on my blog.

Not likely.