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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homosexual Coupling -- Woot!

The LayMAN has posted an editorial regarding marriage overtures to the General Assembly.

You can read about
these timely overtures at More Light Presbyterians.

The LayMAN disapproves.

They don't want any gay marriage.

None of the LayMEN want to get gay married.

They don't want any other LayMEN to get gay married.

They don't want any LayWOMEN to get gay married.

If you are Presbyterian, they don't want YOU getting gay married.

If you are a Presbyterian clergyperson, they don't want YOU doing any hocus pocus at any gay weddin' either!

You got that?

And if you are a session member of a congregation, don't you go approvin' any gay weddings in your church.

It would be just too confusing. The LayMAN's brain just can't seem to manage freedom of conscience.
To wit:
These overtures are evidence of a mindset that is comfortable with cognitive dissonance, the idea that logically opposing propositions can co-exist. Mental contortion is required when the effect of these overtures is considered. It would be okay for one church in a presbytery to bless a homosexual coupling, while another church in the same presbytery might reject the request outright on the basis of Scripture. Proponents don’t see a problem with that.
Nope. We don't see a problem with that.

If y'all don't want folks to get gay married in your LayMAN church, send them right over to FPC Elizabethton! We like hosting gay weddings.

We really get into that homosexual coupling and think it is grand.

At gay weddings we read scripture, laugh, cry, and celebrate with the newly married couple. We think that if Jesus were to visit he might turn the water into wine.

We also respect the views of our neighboring Presbyterian congregations. No one is forced to attend.

No one is forced to agree.

These overtures simply remind us who we already are.

That is what makes us Presbyterian.