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Friday, April 02, 2010

Heresies for Holy Week: Day 5

Rev. John Wilde is a Presbyterian minister, friend, and yes, heretic. But only his friends can call him that. He blogs at the John Wilde Blog among other places. The heresy I am posting today is not from any of his blogs, but a comment he wrote on one of my posts.

How do I know it is heresy?


Snad liked it.

Maybe you will too!

Magic Jesus believers refuse to acknowledge what is totally obvious. The people who wrote the Gospels KNEW they were writing fiction. I'm not saying that they created Jesus. But it's clearly similar to the historical novel genre of our times. If people today want to believe in a magical Jesus, that's their right although many are forced into such belief when they really want to acknowledge reality.

They don't have to force it on others who want to be a part of a Christian Church for all the right reasons: compassion, justice, parties, dancing, singing, meditating, peacemaking, eating, drinking, thinking, sharing, welcoming, making friends. reconciling, laughing, crying, liberating and more.

'Nuff said.