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Monday, March 22, 2010

Reformed Vs. "Reformed"

It appears that Dave at 'the reformed pastor' is making a little list. This is a list of clergy who are not nearly as righteous as he is. Included on the list of 'clergy not as holy as Dave' is my colleague, friend, and LGBT activist, Rev. Janet Edwards.

Rev. Edwards was taken to church court (twice!) by some of Dave's BFTS buddies. Janet came out victorious (twice). Because of her intelligence, courage, and gentle spirit, she has done a great deal for marriage equality in our denomination.

She models what it means to be a minister in the Reformed Tradition.

Dave, on the other hand, is so infatuated with his own superstitions that he cannot fathom the notion that theological reflection is a human activity and as such requires thought as opposed to regurgitation.

Enough of him.

Do yourself a favor and read some of Rev. Edwards' thoughtful pieces.

She is a contributor to the "On Faith" column in the Washington Post and blogs at A Time to Embrace.