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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ex-Gay Alchemy

I see the LayMAN trying to "dispel the myths about Onebyone, Exodus International."

That's a turn of phrase, isn't it? The LayMAN dispelling myths. They aren't using the word myth in the Zeus and Hera sense or the talking snake in the garden sense. Myth here means falsehood. The claim that the article makes is that falsehoods have been made about these so-called ministries.

Let them ramble about the specifics. The whole concept of their ministry is a sham and a falsehood.

If you aren't in the loop, these organizations (like the alchemists of old who tried to turn lead into gold), try to turn gays into straight people (as if straight people were so golden in the first place).

They think that with a few grams of psuedo-psychology, a half liter of superstition, and a Bunsen burner of homophobic hysteria they will hetero-ize the homos for Jesus.

These people are liars, frauds, and maniacs. They ruin peoples' lives.

The most they can do is shame people into repressing their natural sexual desires. They succeed in making people feel worse about themselves.

The entire existence of these organizations begs the question, "Why?" If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

These organizations exist for political purposes. The "ex-gay" will appear for instance at Presbyterian General Assemblies and say,
"I used to be gay. Thanks to Jesus and OnebyOne I'm straight and so happy. If Jesus can heal me, Jesus can heal all gays (lesbians too!) So there is no need to allow gays to marry or to allow unhealed gays to be ministers. You can just put their leaden asses on the Bunsen burner and become golden like me! Thank you!"
The sad thing is that people hear this from their pulpits. They put their gay, lesbian, or bi children through hell so they won't shame the family or whatever else.

Parents, you should love your children more than your preacher. You should love your children more than your church. You should love your children more than your status.

There is nothing wrong with your child. There is plenty wrong with your church if it teaches the lies of OnebyOne, Exodus International, or any of those other misguided groups.

Don't believe me? How about:
And more.

And don't go blaming the Bible, God, or Jesus for
your prejudice. There are plenty of people in the church from theologians, to Bible scholars, to ministers to regular people whose faith leads them to condemn prejudice and affirm sexual and gender minorities.

Here is an interesting
story of a man who covertly participated in a Love Won Out Conference (yes another one) and reports what goes on there.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

He writes:
The so-called “ex-gay” movement is often seen as a fringe, extreme punchline by the gay community. Unfortunately, the out & proud gays are not their target demographic. Like it or not, the fact is that ex-gay ministries are a force to be reckoned with. They are masters in the arts of persuasion and brainwashing. They are smart, politically savvy, and they have a stranglehold on the evangelical voting bloc. I came to these realizations after infiltrating the definitive ex-gay conference: "Love Won Out."
Did I mention this is political?

I have posted this before and it has been around the net, but posting it again may prevent one parent from sending a child off to ex-gay school: