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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Busybodies Are Busy

The busybodies are at it again.

Busybody Team One has filed a complaint against the Presbytery of John Knox for approving the ordination of Scott Anderson, a candidate for ministry who happens to be openly gay.

They argue Anderson should not be ordained because he does not comply with the ordination standards of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), which require those being ordained to practice fidelity if they are married or chastity if they are single.

The complaint also states that the presbytery should not have allowed Anderson to declare a “scruple” -- basically a conscientious objection – to the fidelity-and-chastity standard....

....During his examination by the presbytery, the complaint states, Anderson said “his relationship with his partner was exactly like a marriage except for procreation and that `he’d never taken a vow of celibacy.’
Anderson and the presbytery have done exactly as the General Assembly has ruled. Of course if you don't want a gay minister you can attend a different church.

Busybody Team Two has filed a complaint against Rev. Jane Spahr for officiating at the wedding of two women. This was during that window before California's Prop Hate when same-gender couples could be married.

One of the women for whom Rev. Spahr conducted the ceremony, attorney Sara Taylor, was quoted in a news release.

The defense is not suggesting that the PCUSA require its ministers to perform same-sex unions, Taylor said. Rather, the goal is to make sure the church doesn’t discipline a minister for doing something that isn’t constitutionally prohibited in the Book of Order and is endorsed by the state, she said.

“It’s akin to saying if a heterosexual couple came to a pastor and asked to marry them without a license and she married them, that marriage would not meet the definition of marriage according to the church, because they didn’t have a civil contract,” Taylor said. “Would you discipline a minister for that?”
Of course not. I have done such a thing myself. It is called pastoral care.

That is why we call Teams 1 and 2 "busybodies." They won't mind their own