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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Proud of My Peeps

In Tuesday's Johnson City Press, two FPCE folks had letters published. This was in response by a request from the paper regarding Don't Ask Don't Tell. Wise words by these wise women:
Members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community should be given the opportunity to serve their country openly. Anything less is discrimination, end of argument.

It is also a ridiculous waste of money to fire those who have attempted to follow the policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

As of January 2009, 13,000 highly qualified men and women have been fired from the military since DADT was implemented in 1993.

It costs about $70,000 to get a soldier through basic training alone. Multiply that by 13,000 and we’ve wasted more than $900 million at the very least. This doesn’t include any additional training, equipment or support for highly trained individuals such as those in special ops, interpreters and officers.

The only argument left for keeping GLBT people out of the army is the “hostile work environment” argument. I recommend asking female soldiers if they have ever been exposed to a hostile work environment from their heterosexual male peers and superiors. According to the Pentagon, one-third of women in 2008 said they had. In 2007, 2,688 sexual assaults were reported.

Perhaps we should also ban heterosexual men from serving in the military. It makes just as much sense as banning gays or lesbians.


That's our beloved Snad. And from our beloved Sandy:
People used to say that blacks could not serve with whites or the structure of the army would break down. Then people used to say that women could not serve because their male comrades would be too worried about them to fight effectively. Well, those myths have been debunked and it’s time to debunk the current myth.

There is no reason gays cannot serve side by side with their heterosexual comrades. People who claim that it will interfere with the effectiveness of the unit are looking at the world through bigoted lenses. The only people who are upset are those who don’t like gays.

Why should anyone care if the guy holding a gun next to him is Jewish or black or gay? Or if the guy holding a gun next to him is a girl? As long as he or she can shoot straight and do the job, that’s all that matters.

Science has proved that gay people, just like heterosexual people, are born that way. They are not “evil” or “sinners.” You can be sure that if your god hates the same people that you do then he was created in your image.

Anyone who wants to treat a class of people differently because they belong to that class can only be described one way: bigoted.

I applaud everyone who wants to serve their country and it’s nobody’s business who sleeps with whom.