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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

PFR's Ghetto

Those crazy kids in Santa Barbara have introduced a new scheme to create a fundamentalist ghetto. Presbyterians For Repression dreamed up this doozy. According to the LayMAN:
The rationale for the new synod states that its goal is to be identified by a particular theological and missional commitment rather than a geographic region. The “New Synod,” as it is currently named, will have specific standards on marriage, ordination and dismissal of congregations to other presbyteries. Those standards supersede any other provisions in the PCUSA Book of Order to the contrary, the overture states.
In other words they want to make their own rules yet still retain all the rights, privileges (and property) of the PCUSA. It is kind of like running away from home but going no farther than your parents' basement.

So...why make such a proposal?

Oh....can you say....Gay?

The proposed synod also would:
  • forbid ministers and congregations from celebrating marriages or marriage-like unions between members of the same sex;
  • teach Biblical sexual ethics while welcoming all of God’s children with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ;
  • provide opportunities for deacons, elders and ministers to renew their ordination vows and reaffirm the additional standards.
Commissioners will see through this charade and I predict they will approve deleting or revising G-6.0106b and send it to the presbyteries who will pass it this time and thus remove the final barrier to full equality regarding ordination.

Commissioners will also revise the Directory of Worship to approve equality in marriage and send it to the presbyteries. The presbyteries will approve the change as well.

The busybodies can either leave or stay.

But in no way are we spending time, money, and energy to create a fundamentalist ghetto of prejudice.