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Sunday, February 21, 2010

John Knox Says Yes to Gay Ministers

Well at least one. Openly gay ministerial candidate, Scott Anderson, was approved by a vote of 81-25 on Saturday. Scott squeezes through on ye olde scruple rule. Interestingly, Scott was on the Theological Task Force that introduced Mr. Scruple to the PCUSA.

The presbytery of John Knox voted that Scott's scruple was just fine with them. According to the executive presbyter of John Knox, Rev. Ken Meunier:

"Not everyone is on the same page with this issue, but a great number of people have been very impressed with Scott Anderson's gifts for ministry. I believe the vote reflects a desire of persons within the Presbytery to make room for a variety of voices and opinions within the church, and to exercise biblical forbearance toward persons with whom they disagree."
Apparently some busybodies think forbearance is not very biblical and will challenge the decision.

John Knox could not be reached for comment.