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Saturday, January 30, 2010

WETS Changes Programming

Beginning Monday, our local NPR affiliate, WETS is changing its programing. It is adding some new programs and moving some others. Here is the story in Johnson City Press:
WETS, the East Tennessee State University public radio station, will stop airing music in favor of news shows on weekdays beginning next month, a major change for the 36-year-old station.
One of my favorite programs, Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman is moving to 1 p.m. from 6 p.m. That kind of stinks. From drivetime to middays is a major demotion, but at least it is staying on the air. It is on the air in this bright red state in part because progressives in our area advocate for it. Check out Democracy Now! Tri-Cities.

Now in the afternoons we will have four hours of (as one of my Facebook friends put it) "All Things Repeated."

Additional programming include BBC World Service, The Diane Rehm Show, and Talk of the Nation. Here is the WETS programming schedule:

Glad to have WETS and kudos to Wayne Winkler for his innovative work bringing a variety of perspectives to the Tri-Cities!