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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Climate Change Demands We Live Differently

I posted this quote last year as a Meaning of Life. I thought it timely to re-post as our world leaders meet in Copenhagen for talks (and hopefully action) on climate change.

As Sallie McFague points out this is not simply an "issue" it is about the way we live and the way we see ourselves in relation to one another and our only home, Earth.

In addition to carbon emissions, I would hope our world leaders would address peak oil, peak natural gas, peak coal, the depletion of fisheries, deforestation, the mass extinction of species, and how we as a human family on one planet might think about living sustainably with one another and all of life.

It is all related. It is time for radical change. It is urgent. To recall the words of a long-haired, locust eating desert prophet:

"The axe is at the root of the tree."

"Global warming is not just another important issue that human beings need to deal with; rather, it is the demand that we live differently. We cannot solve it, deal with it, given our current anthropology. It is not simply an issue of management; rather, it demands a paradigm shift in who we think we are. This is certainly not the only thing that is needed, but it is a central one, for without it we cannot expect ourselves or others to undertake the radical behavioral change that is necessary to address our planetary crisis." p. 44
--Sallie McFague, A New Climate for Theology