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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Adam and Eve Were Freeloaders

Often I find myself unsure if the authors of letters to the editor in my local paper are engaging in satire or are for real. Your guess on this one? Satire? For real?
Bring back smog

The American dream: at the top of the list is being able to get a job.
Bring back smog, global warming or whatever it takes to create jobs. God saw that Adam and Eve were going to mess up the Garden of Eden so he told them to put their clothing on and get out. He then gave humans Earth to mess it up, with smog or whatever it takes to create jobs. God was tired of feeding the freeloaders. Start earning a living, by sweat of the brow, smog or whatever it takes; he would come along later and clean up the mess. The nice politicians, having our best interest at heart and not wanting us to get smogged to death, managed to get most factories moved out of the country. I say bring back the smog, down with the green.
JAY C. WHEELER Jonesborough
I never heard that before. Adam and Eve were freeloading in the garden. Just a coupla naked dirty hippies. The moral of the story is let's trash the place for short-term gain because "God" will clean up our mess.

That is thinking ahead GOP style.