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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finish the Job, Pardner

I like him. He uses complete sentences. He doesn't embarrass us. But I am afraid the POTUS is going to eat these words one day:

Signaling he's decided on new troop levels for the Afghanistan war, President Barack Obama said Tuesday he intends to "finish the job" on his watch and destroy terrorist networks in the region.

That sounds eerily like "mission accomplished."

"'Finish the job' in Afghanistan" are five words that don't make sense together. It is like trying to keep a straight face when you live in Liberal, Kansas. The Soviets thought they were going to finish the job, too.

"Destroying terrorist networks" is what we might call a long term project. Terrorists are not destroyed. They are created. That is why we call them terrorists. They never give up. If you leave one alive, he will kill you.

Finishing the job in Afghanistan would be what then, nuking the place and killing all life forms?

I am suspicious.

Cheney said we would be fighting terrorists for 20-30 years. That's about right as that is how long it will take for the oil to run out.

Fighting terrorists is the euphemism we use for resource wars. One could argue that anyone who threatens our 20 million barrel a day habit is a terrorist.

Afghanistan and Iraq are the bread slices for an Iran sandwich. Iran has some nice black sauce under the desert. In a few years when Americans start feeling the pinch because of a downslide in worldwide oil production, we will realize why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can be sure the job won't be finished.

Rather than tell us the truth about our energy needs and courageously offering a plan to transition to a new reality, Obama is following where Cheney led: a multi-decade, worldwide war for the remaining fossil fuels.

We are in for a rough ride.