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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Don Quixote Declaration

The busybodies are tripping over themselves to endorse the latest "declaration." Ostentatiously called the Manhattan Declaration, it is yet another attempt by the superstitious right wing to fight at windmills. Fundamentalists of various sects including a few Presbyterian notables such as Carmen "The Millstone" Fowler of the LayMAN have endorsed it.

What are they endorsing? What is this courageous Satan-smiting witness to the glory of the Triune God? What are those things that Jesus talked about most and cared about most? What are the key challenges we are facing in our nation and around our world?

I think you know.

These faithful heroes who "care about the future of the Christian witness in the public discourse of our nation"

are standing firm, bearing the standard, cupping the grail of holiness, and bravely waving their lances at the gravest threat we have yet to address...

...Gays getting marriage licenses.

Oh, and uppity women who insist on making their own informed decisions regarding their own reproduction.

And they call what they are doing protecting religious freedom.


This should keep them busy for a few weeks. Then it will go the same way all their other self-important declarations have gone (remember the Confessing Church Movement, anyone?)

Meanwhile other actual challenges to our nation's welfare like healthcare, the increasing gap between the wealthy and the poor, militarism, and energy and ecology, are still there.