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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busybodies Strike Back At Lisa Larges

We are celebrating the vote in San Francisco presbytery. The presbytery approved the ordination of Lisa Larges. But she hasn't been ordained yet. Ever watchful for gay cooties, busybodies in San Francisco signed a "Stay of Enforcement." High priestess of the busybodies, Rev. Mary Holder Naegeli, sent a news release that was posted by town crier of the busybodies, Presbyweb:
Enough signatures were collected at the close of the meeting to secure a Stay of Enforcement while a remedial complaint is filed with the Synod of the Pacific Permanent Judicial Commission. Ms. Larges’ ordination cannot take place unless all legal hurdles are overcome, which could take another eighteen months.
Proving that making life difficult for others is what gives their lives meaning.