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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alternative Giving Season

I want to thank folks all over the Tri-Cities who purchased gifts through our Ten Thousand Villages Sale. $5,700 (I think that is a record) was raised for two-thirds world artisans. Christmas shopping you can feel good about!

We kicked off Alternative Giving Season today. Rather than contribute to the consumerist nightmare, folks are invited to honor friends and family by giving a gift in their name to a cause that honors Earth, sustainability, and social justice.

Our Alternative Giving page has a list of the causes we are encouraging folks to support this year and how to do it!

Alternative giving is a form of gift-giving that has a symbolic value to the recipient and benefits a meaningful cause at the same time. Alternative gifts are a creative way to honor your friends and family with eco-friendly, ethically-sourced gifts while making a difference in lives, promoting peace and justice and helping to heal our earth.
By the way, check out Southern Beale's commentary about Alternative Giving!