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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Superstition and Prejudice

I try to comment about the superstitions of my own sect and not fret too much about the superstitions of others, but this one caught my eye today.

To get the context here, as I understand it, conservatives in The Episcopal Church want to leave TEC and have an African bishop be in charge of their religious lives. This is because the various Anglican communions in Africa have a better plan as to what to do with the homosexuals.

Homosexual acts are already a criminal offence in Uganda, with the maximum penalty being life imprisonment.
We should remember that the bishop of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, is a "liberal" on these matters:
"We want to state categorically that homosexuality is unacceptable,"
"I think the death penalty is not acceptable," Ntagali said on October 21. "I think taking someone to jail for a period of time would be sufficient."
In America we make the gays bishops. In Uganda they put them in prison for life.

In which country would you rather live?