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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Desperate Busybodies

Presbyterian fundamentalists have come up with a new scheme. The folks at PFR have dreamed up a plan for a non-geographic synod. Why? Gay cooties, of course:
In June 2008 a simple majority of the 218th General Assembly proposed the removal of G-6.0106b (biblical standards of fidelity and chastity) to the presbyteries, requiring, for the fourth time in a dozen years, the time and energy of people across the PC(USA) be expended on debating the clear teaching of Scripture.
OK, that is the usual "holier than thou" pious bible talk. All the above sentence means is: "We don't want equal rights for LGBTs and we are scared that the next time it is voted upon we are going to lose."

So they invented a plan in which they will retain all of the benefits of being PC(USA) without having to follow the constitution of the PC(USA). The appropriate response to these people is this: if you don't like the PC(USA) then leave. Shoo. Bye bye.

They are running scared. They know that GA 2010 is going to send some form of delete-G-6.0106busybody to the presbyteries and the presbyteries will vote it out. It's as good as gone.

I am looking forward to next summer.