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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thanks to Carmen of the LayMAN for her latest editorial, nFOG: Trying to renovate a house that's eaten up with termites (charming title, eh?). In case you were wondering, the "house that's eaten up with termites" is the PCUSA and nFOG is the proposed new form of government.

Guess who the termites are?

...we have entire judicatories thumbing their noses at the definition of marriage and the qualifications for church leadership. We have preachers foregoing the Scriptures opting instead for the Koran and we have mission dollars being spent on national political agendas that are not widely agreed upon by the people populating Presbyterian pews.
Who are these preachers who have opted for the Koran? If I wasn't so humble I would guess she is talking about me. We are reading the Qur'an cover to cover in 2009 and our next Qur'an Sunday is the 27th. You might be interested in Qur'an and Jive, the blog I have created for this occasion.

Of course she may be referring to another Presbyterian Termite who is also studying the Qur'an. If so, let me know as I want to compare notes. I could use some help eating this house. It is a big house after all.