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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Obama Indoctrinates School Children

The president turned all the school children of America into communists yesterday, except of course for the children of the brave patriots who kept them home to watch Glenn Beck.

Here is how the commie cookie crumbled locally according to the Johnson City Press:

Honors World Geography teacher Jim Estepp considered President Barack Obama a “welcome guest” in his classroom on Tuesday.

Although the president’s controversial speech broadcast to students across the nation may not fit in with his current lessons on the Gobi desert, Estepp said he thought it was important for his students to see.

“I feel it’s important for students to be able to express their opinion of this and they should be encouraged to analyze the source of that opinion,” he said. “And I’ve given them that opportunity in my classes today.”

Not so controversial after all. The president advised the children to (gasp) study and take responsibility for their education.
“The thing that struck me about it is nobody seems to be concerned about the content of the speech, just the fact that he’s giving it,” Estepp said. “He’s, of course, very controversial right now, and if there’s anything controversial about his speech, believe me, FOX or one of the networks will have it out in front of us.”
Elizabethton superintendent of schools, Ed Alexander, put it very well:

All of the Elizabethton students had the opportunity to watch the president during the broadcast except Elizabethton High School. Because the schedule conflicted with the lunch schedule, the president’s speech was taped and shown at 2 p.m.

Although some schedules had to be changed, Alexander said “we can spare 15 minutes for the president of the United States.”

Indeed. Here is the "controversial" speech in two parts and the text:

And part 2: