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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dr. No and His Health Care Survey

Rep. Phil "Dr. No" Roe has set up a little survey on his website. He has sent this out to his email list (apparently I am not on it) requesting a vote. Let's vote shall we? Of course, he has stacked the deck with his loaded scare phrase "government-run" so you have to read that first line as:

"Yes, I support a health care system that is not run by greedy, corporate fat cats who profit on the illness of others and have purchased the support of politicians like me, Dr. Roe."

Do know this. Dr. Roe does
not care what you think. His Town Hall carnivals demonstrated that.

He is
nestled comfortably in the pocket of the health insurance industry.

He just wants to "knock you out."

This charade of a vote will be used by him to "prove" that his constituents agree with him. To play the game on his website, you don't even need to live in his district. All you need is an email address. Get the word out to your friends. Go here, check yes, and send it around!

h/t just wondrin'